Access to Black Doctors and Diversity in Healthcare

Why we exist


Shortage of Black Doctors

Only about 5% of practicing physicians in the United States are black (SOURCE: AAMA)


Chronic Disease in Black Community

9 health conditions within the black population result in a higher death rate than other races


Benefits of Seeing Black Doctor

Facts shown in numerous studies prove black patients benefit from seeing a black doctor

Healthcare Diversity Platform

We engage with healthcare organizations to expand diversity and develop improved solutions for health disparities in our communities:
  • Develop opportunities for Black-owned and operated medical practices to expand and sustain
  • Engage our national Network of black physicians and providers, offering opportunities to expand their personal & professional goals
  • Assist organizations with diversifying their medical staff to more effectively service diverse populations
  • Bridge the gap between healthcare organizations and Black doctors/providers for diversity and equity
  • Communicate the importance of and need for black doctors within our communities
  • Connect individuals with black doctors through direct engagement
  • Support efforts to increase the number of black doctors
  • A resource for locating healthcare services
  • Bring awareness of health topics important to Black and minority communities

Executive Leadership

Our executive leadership consists of physicians from our communities, to lead us, to guide us, to improve healthcare and help you become healthier.

Dr Karen Smith Black Family Physician Raeford NC

Karen Smith, MD, FAAFP

Family Physician/Medical Director
Raeford, NC
Dr. Chris Brown Black Internal Medicine Doctor Columbus

Christopher Brown, MD, MPH, FACP

Internal Medicine/Medical Director
Columbus, OH
Dr Aqeila Shepherd, Black Chiropractic Physician Raleigh

Aqeila Shepherd, DC

Chiropractic Physician
Raleigh, NC
Stephen Noble Black Cardiothoracic Surgeon

Stephen L. Noble, MD FACS

Cardiothoracic Surgeon
Olympia, WA
Victor Waters, MD Los Angeles

Victor Waters, MD, JD, FCLM

Internal Medicine/Chief Medical Officer/Legal Medicine
Phoenix, AZ
Jason Hayes, MD Internal Medicine Atlanta GA

Vincent L. Anthony, MD, MPH, MBA, FASN, CHCQM, CPE

Internal Medicine
Los Angeles, CA
Jason Hayes, MD Internal Medicine Atlanta GA

Jason Hayes, MD, MBA, MSPH, FACP

Internal Medicine
Atlanta, GA

Straight from the Doctors

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