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Black Doctors Durham NC

Therapeutic Dance/Stress Relief

Durham, NC (Virtual Options Available)

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Gabrielle Rivero

Founder/Therapeutic Dance Instructor  

"Through our workshops, retreats, and private sessions we guide you through dance and movement styles that you can use to move away from “stressing about things” and instead practice movements that help relieve stress and encourage your well-being"

 Private, One-on-One Virtual Sessions Available
 Free 30-Minute Consultations Available
 Workshops for Adults or Kids, In-Person & Virtual
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Healing the Black Community Through Movement
"We need to find spaces for the Black community to heal." - Gabrielle Rivero, Founder

Express and Release offers a safe space for healing and relieving stress, dealing with depression, anger, and emotions, that can improve your mental health.

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  • Virtual, Private One-on-One Sessions - Adults or Kids: In these individualized sessions, we can cater to each person's needs addressing anxiety, depression, emotional stuckness, stress, or other emotional release; no movement experience necessary; Free 30-minute consultation available, register for 1 or multiple sessions

  • Movement for Seniors - Emotional Regulation, Mental Health Benefits, Can Benefit Those with Parkinson's or Dementia: We guide seniors through remembering images, thoughts, sounds, feelings and colors that are connected to their bodies. Research has proven that movement can be highly effective for improving blood pressure, bone density, muscle tone, mobility, flexibility, balance, and coordination.

  • In-Person Workshops - Adult and Kid Sessions (Virtual option): Scheduled events provided by Express & Release, with 6-week workshops offered quarterly

  • Virtual Workshops - Adult and Kid Sessions: Scheduled monthly virtual events provided by Express & Release

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