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Moving One Million Moms OFF Welfare!

Can I Live provides single moms and families with opportunities to overcome poverty by helping them exit the welfare system, purchase a home, receive job training, gain education, and provide opportunities for opening a business

Solutions from the Bottom Up!
1,200+ Residents Helped With...
  • Exiting the Welfare System
  • Enrolling in School and Training
  • Opening Succesful Businesses
  • Purchasing Homes using Section 8
  • Creating Childcare Centers
  • And, So Much More!

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Help for black single moms

Reducing Dependency on Government Subsidies!

Resident Owned Business Incubator (ROBI)
  • This program provides under-resourced entrepreneurs, a full year of support which includes 12-24 weeks of intense classroom experience, business planning, and coaching, as well as marketing tools, networking opportunities, and a chance to win capital seed investment to launch their new start-up.

ROSS Work Readiness & Life Skills
  • This program provides residents who are unsure of how their gifts and talents fit into a rewarding and fulfilling career. We dont find you "Employment", we help you "Deploy" your gift on an assignment.

WealthFair Tour
  • The national tour visits the poorest public housing communities in America's most prosperous cities in order to Reignite Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) programs, Establish & Re-establish New Resident Councils, and Advocate for Real and Lasting Policy Change

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You Can't Move Moms OFF Welfare without Addressing the Needs of Fathers!
African-Americans who make up 12% of the U.S. population make up more than half of the prison and welfare systems

"Get Your Hands Out My Pocket: The Hands-On Guide to Avoiding the Child Support System" is a captivating book for men to help them become better fathers and parent partners as they become higher-income earners. Fathers also learn how to protect themselves from the pitfalls of a brutal and merciless child support system. This book is authored by the founder of Can I Live, Inc–RW Jones.

Partial Proceeds Go Towards Canceling Child Support Debt for Active Fathers!

Black Chiropractors Post Graduate Program San Francisco

Racquel Williams-Jones (RW Jones)
Founder of Can I Live
  • Master's degree in Public Administration, a Bachelor's degree in Economics, Politics and Law, and an Associate's degree in Criminal Justice with an emphasis in Juvenile Delinquency
  • A noted national expert on community engagement, leadership development and economic self-sufficiency strategies, speaking and leading national conferences, keynotes, and trainings
  • An author, motivational speaker, play/short film writer and business thought leader
  • Led and organized tent cities, volunteered on civic boards, chaired a housing authority, and influenced policy through various commission appointments
  • Established more than 100 Resident Owned Businesses for low-income under resourced entrepreneurs who have acquired more than $250,000 in contracting opportunities
  • Assisted more than 300 resident councils nationwide with election procedures to become duly elected and recognized by their local housing authorities
  • A survivor of the merciless welfare system, RW spent much of her life healing from the emotional scars her experience left, becoming an advocate for single mothers who find themselves stuck managing social services benefits


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