Cloud-based Mental Health Screening Platform
Seamlessly integrate behavioral health into care plan and increase revenue
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“As a primary care physician, I routinely see how behavioral health conditions like anxiety and depression affect more and more patients’ lives. This is especially true as we emerge from the pandemic. The USPSTF has recently recommended screening all adults for anxiety. But given our time constraints and dozens of other screening tests and questions we have to squeeze into a 15-minute office visit, these tools help address our behavioral health crisis.”
— Dr. Kevin Pho (KevinMD)

Enhance Quality of Care and Revenue Through Mental Health Screenings

Address the growing challenge in providing services for mental health & substance abuse through a HIPPA-compliant, cloud-based platform that enables healthcare providers to identify patients that may be suffering from undiagnosed or inadequately treated mental health and substance abuse disorders. 

 Documents & automates insurance claims
 Automation simplifies administrative tasks
 Range of tests across 40+ major disorders
 Real-time alerts including suicidal-ideation
 Charting of patient & clinician progress
 24/7 technical support available
 Secure, HIPAA-compliant integration with your EHR

Mental health screening for primary care

Easy Steps to Improve Care
For Adults & Pediatrics
 Patient takes 1 or more assessment prior to their appointment
 Can be done via email, texting or on a tablet at appointment location
 Assessment immediately scored & routed to clinician prior to appointment
 If medically necessary, an alert can be texted to clinical staff
 Assessment results add insights to patient consultation
 Allows provider to integrate results into their treatment plan
 Insurance claims can be submitted using established CPT codes

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